Fruit and Nut

BM # 46  Week 2  Day 3

Day 3 kids lunch box and I have a delicious recipe which even the grown ups will like. This is a breakfast recipe which my aunt serves and we all love it. Very simple and gets e In a jiffy and healthy too. The recipe does not have chocolate sauce but since I was going to eat it , I added some. While packing you could avoid it , else add it and make sure to pack in a leak proof box.

What you need
1 apple, sliced or chopped

Nuts of your choice
Mine are
Brown sugar

Here is what you have to do
Roast the nuts.
Place the sliced apple in a MW bowl.
Sprinkle sugar and a few drops of water.
MW for about 20 seconds.
The sugar should have melted.
How ever if not MW further.
Add the roasted nuts and drizzle some honey .
MW again for 10 seconds.
If you wish you could drizzle some chocolate sauce and sprinkle some cinnamon .

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This goes to Valli's Kid's Delight who is hosting Nuts and Legumes event.

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