Mung Bean Tic Tac Toe / Criss Cross Burger

BM # 46  Week 2  Day 2

Now when it comes to kids lunch box we are lost. Though I don't have any lunch boxes to pack now, it always was...What to pack? For Day 2, under Nuts and Legumes I have a open burger with Mung beans. The bun is simple but kids love it since they have a game of Criss Cross or Tic Tac Toe.
No particular recipe but here is how you assemble it.

Mung Bean Criss Cross Burgers
1 burger bun or a jumbo slice toast.
Apply butter on the bun.
Place the mung beans.
Take a slice of cheese and cut into strips.
Place these into a criss cross pattern.
The olives and tomato can be used for circles and crosses.

How to make the mung bean mix

Boil the mung bean.
Add butter to a pan.
Add chopped onions, coriander leaves and mung beans.
Add dry spices to choice.
I added dry mango powder and green chilly.
Mash the beans lightly, so that they are a little mushy.

One can use any beans or even a potato mix, but the mix has to be mushy else it will fall apart. Since I was eating it at home I did not mash the beans.
I served some fries along with the bun.

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This goes to Valli's Kid's Delight who is hosting Nuts and Legumes event.

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