Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Whole Wheat Crispy Fries

While travelling by road kids just cannot do without some munchies..I know that they  love those fried ready snacks , come to think of it even we grown ups enjoy munching on these snacks while travelling. To avoid all those junk packets, try these crispy bites. They are made from our every day rotis. These bites are terribly addictive , just pack these in zip locks and give a pack to each kid..they will love them. These crunchy bites are my Day 2 post for the theme Car Snacks BM # 46

Here is what you have to do..
Make rotis a day before you want to make the fries.
Stack the chapatis on the chopping board.
Cut them into thin strips.
Heat oil and deep fry these strips to a golden.
Remove on a kitchen towel.
Sprinkle the spices.

I used
Dry Mango powder
Red Chilly powder
Chat Masala
you could give these other flavors too using your favorite herbs.

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  1. Even elders can munch on these chatpata snack. My aunt makes these with tortillas.

  2. Lovely choice. It is also a great way to use the leftover rotis when you are not travelling. :)

  3. Tangy and spicy at the same time. And so easy to make too. Great idea for a lovely snack.

  4. These look so tempting, Vaishali. Simple yet irresistible!!

  5. Amazing idea to use the left over rotis.

  6. wow wud love munch these crunchy spicy fries .. looks irresistible !!

  7. Simply fantabulous, love that tangy and spicy fries.. Wat a wonderful way to finish the leftover rotis.

  8. Why only in car I can have this any ware wonderful Idea..

  9. Making fries out of rotis is a genius idea. I'm sure my kids would love these too.

  10. Such a lovely idea Vaishali..I am sure I would love it!

  11. This is awesome... Love to munch the whole lot!!

  12. Awesome way of using leftover roti's.

  13. This is such a lovely idea. Now i know what to do if with left over rotis