Choco Apple Trifle

BM # 47  Week 3  Day 1

For week 3 I have chosen festival recipes for Christmas and New Year. For Day 1 it is a trifle pudding that I made for my Diwali Dinner. Serving desserts it for Diwali does not mean that we serve just Indian sweets .This dessert was a part of the dessert menu. This year for Diwali we distributed cup cakes . I had some left from those which were not frosted. I made cake crumbs from them. My frig was stocked with apples so I decided to use those too. Making the best use of the ingredients at home I made this dessert.

Apple Chocolate Trifle
What you need
Cake crumbs
Orange juice
Cooked apples
Caramel sauce
Vanilla Custard
Chocolate Ganache

This is the order in which I assembled the dessert.
Cake crumbs - use any left over cake or else make crumbs from cookies.
Orange juice- ready juice pack. I used this to soak the crumbs.
Cooked Apple - peel and chop the apples . Cook them with butter till soft. Add some brown sugar. Choose another fruit if you wish.
Caramel- use ready made sauce or make your own. I used home made , the recipe shall follow soon.
Custard- simple vanilla custard
Ganache- fill in a piping bag, pipe out a swirl.
Top with a edible pearl.
Chill and serve.

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