Friday, December 5, 2014

Malpua Roll Cut Kulfi

BM # 47  Week 1  Day 3

We are done with our main course as Tawa sabzi and starter as Ragda Pattice from Puranmal's menu.We come to Day 3 and now is the time to serve the dessert. The menu had Indian sweets like Gulab jamuns, Halwa and of course Kulfi. I have a passion for kulfis and love trying various versions. Infact for my last month's festival recipes I had featured three varieties. The Malpua Kulfi has been in my drafts since a long time, but wonder how I have skipped posting it. in fact I sent it as a guest post to Nupur, but did not post on my blog.This was a Kulfi that I made with some left over kaju katli and malpuas.I did not add any sugar as the Barfi was sweet and I used the Malpua syrup too. The syrup had plenty of saffron which made the Kulfi very aromatic. I used a cookie box packing for freezing the kulfis. They came out as nice roll cuts. You could freeze them in small flat bowls.

Mithai Kulfi
500 ml full fat milk
200 gms kaju burfi
4-6 tbsp saffron syrup from malpuas
Cardamom powder

Boil the milk , let it boil for 5-10 minutes.
Add crushed kaju burfi,let it blend with the milk.
Cook till the milk reaches a thick consistency.
Add sugar syrup,cardamom powder,and chopped malpuas.
Pour into desired mould and freeze.

Some more Kulfis..

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  1. Your kulfis are out of this world. It is amazing how you used up left over mithai to make kulfi.

  2. oh that is super tempting... would love to grab it from here!!

  3. What a nice dessert with left over burfis! Drooling to taste those kulfis.

  4. Mindblowing, wish i get that rite from my lappy screen..drooling..

  5. A tempting dessert and lovely pics.

  6. What yummy treat and a delicious way to use up those last few pieces of sweets :o)

  7. OMG!!! i cant take of my eyes of the clicks!!What a delicious dessert

  8. wow such an sinful kulfi to indulge with malpua like sonne pe suhaga :) yum yumm !!

  9. Vaishali, while I have always had kulfi in our place, I can never forget the ones I enjoyed in your city! these remind me so much of that late night outing!

  10. Sone pe suhaaga ! What a match in heaven !!

  11. Wow.. Kulfi looks yum. Irresistibly good.

  12. What a lovely way to end the dinner! I would maybe have this as dinner instead :)