Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dahi Bread Chaat

BM # 48  Week 3  Day 2

Day 1 under the chaat theme , I shared the chutney recipes which are normally used for chaats. Today I shall share the recipe of Bread Chaat. For making any chaat a base is needed and this is just like our papadi chaat but instead of papadi I have used bread. So let's get to the recipe... But wait is there a recipe to it, no not really . It is all about how you assemble the dish and the ingredients in the frig.

Let's see what I have done.
Bread cut into cubes and deep fried.

A mix of
Onion, finely chopped
Cucumbers, finely chopped
Boiled potato, finely chopped
Tomatoes, finely chopped
Green chilly, finely chopped.
Yogurt, whisked
Teekhi chutney
Khatti Meethi chutney
Coriander leaves
Pomogranate pearls.
Chaat masala
Lay the bread pieces in a flat dish.
Pour curd all over the pieces.
Pour the chutneys
Sprinkle the chopped veggies, chaat masala, salt.
Sprinkle coriander leaves and pomogranate pearls.
Serve immediately.

This is a very interesting chaat where you can make variations 

Instead of these veggies you could use a mix of the following
Boiled potatoes, finely chopped
Black channa, boiled
Onion, finely chopped

Yet another variation could be
Boiled potatoes, finely chopped
Mung bean sprouts, boiled
Onion, finely chopped
I normally use whatever is available on hand, you too could try different combos.

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  1. Dahi bread chat looks delicious . Yeah it's all about how to assemble and what to add according to our taste.Great pics!

  2. The combination of all these flavors exploding in your mouth make chaat so popular. Variations are endless. Nice post.

  3. so well presented!!! am falling in love with this chaat!!

  4. Mouthwatering combo of flavors there. I too was contemplating whether to go with this for my chaat turn next week to avoid a fried base. :)

  5. This is so awesome! Making a chaat with the basic ingredient in the house is just so good :)

  6. Vaishali, guess unknowingly I have replicated your picture as well along with pom!..I enjoyed this chaat so much..looks so inviting as well!

  7. Once again-Wow!!!! Such a delcious combo of ingredients to tickle the taste buds!!

  8. This is the first time I'm hearing bread chaat. Such an interesting recipe. Will have to give it a try. Nice one Vaishali ji!

  9. Its early in the morning and that plates of dahi bread chaat makes me hungry, too good.

  10. Dahi bread chaat looks irresistible. Nice pictures as well.

  11. Yummy!! Such a tempting and delicious looking bread chaat.

  12. Absolute treat. Mouthwatering, Vaishali. I am thinking on these lines for my post next week.

  13. A very inviting chaat...Beautiful pics make me want to grab some now :)