Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lacy Paneer Tikka

BM # 50  Week 4  Day 2

For day 2 under Paneer recipes, I have a paneer tikka which is laced with besan cheela. I was not very happy with the pics but I liked the combo of the lacy cheela and tikka. May be I can redo the pics after a while.

The cheela is made from chick pea flour, the batter should not be runny else it will start spreading, and at the same time it should not be too thick, as after cookng the cheela will turn out quite hard.the consistency of the batter should be that of dosa batter.

I am sure one can make better laces but since this was my first trial I kept it very simple.

The tikka recipe is also very simple...
For the cheela lace
1/2 cup chick pea flour
Pinch red chilly powder (optional)Salt to taste
Pinch asafoetida
Make a Dosa consistency batter and fill a squeeze bottle.
Using a non stick gridle squeeze out the batter in a lace pattern .
Drizzle oil.
Flip over and drizzle oil again.
Let cook for a minute , remove.

Place the lace on the serving plate.
Arrange the tikka pieces on the cheela lace.
Serve with ketchup.

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  1. The tikka and lace looks Yummm. .love the presentation. .

  2. Wow very well presented!!! Drooling here!!!!

  3. God, i need a food presentation session with you..wat a stunning presentation..Tikka looks alluring.

  4. Wow what a beautifully presented pic Vaishali..I know you said you are not happy, but then I know you are hard master to dish to snack!

  5. Love the lace.. How did you flip it so nicely without breaking. Amazing. Yummy paneer

  6. The combo definitely must have made a yummy snack.

  7. What an unique and innovative dish Vaishali. Cheela with paneer tikka looks and sounds awesome.

  8. A stunning presentation with the lace pattern !

  9. Superb presentation! Love the lace and paneer.

  10. For a first attempt the lace turned out great. Nicely paired with paneer tikka.

  11. Kidhar kidhar se dhoondte hain recipes, aap ! Kamaal ki idea 👍👍

  12. Love the lace Vaishali. Nicely done

  13. The lace cheela is such an awesome idea! So innovative and definitely that would be a hit at any party!

  14. A great presentation and the paneer is waiting to be picked.

  15. What a lovely presentation....Cannot believe you are making it for the first time.