Strawberry and Mango Ice Lollies

BM # 50 Week 1 Day 3

For Day 3 under colorful dishes I have chosen Strawberry and Mango Ice Lollies. I have always been fond of ice . As kids we used to eat the tubed ice lolly called Pepsi cola and desi ice gola, which is shaved ice with syrup. That is still one of my favorites, but due to health reasons can't indulge into any more. The home made ice Lollies are perfect to replace the craving of those shaved ice golas. I have used fresh strawberry along with strawberry crush to give it a more fruit and fleshy taste. The frozen mango slice is double treat.
These Lollies also go the kids delight hosted by Varada.

Strawberry and Mango Ice Lollies

1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1/2 glass strawberry crush drink
1/2 glass mango drink
Few slices mango
Blend the strawberries with the strawberry crush drink.
Pour the blended drink in lolly moulds, fill just about half.
Now gently pour the mango drink.
Add a slice of mango.
Place it in the freezer for freezing.

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