Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Strawberry Lychee Twirl

BM # 50 Week 1 Day 2

For day 2 under colorful dishes I have yet another drink. This is a combination of two most delicious fruits. Strawberry and Lychee.i have added a little sugar to the strawberries as the strawberries here are not as sweet, but you can omit the sugar if you get sweet ones.the lychee juice and sprite both are sweet enough, so the sugar can be avoided. The rimmed glasses enhance the flavor of the drink, giving it a mild salty, tarty flavor, which is fantastic. If the kids don't like that flavor you could serve them in simple glasses too. Sending it to Varada for Kids Delight.

Strawberry Lychee Twirl
1/4 cup strawberry chopped
1 tsp sugar
1 tetra pack lychee juice
1 bottle sprite
Salt rimmed glasses
Coat the rim of two glasses with lemon .
Place some salt on a plate.
Invert them and dip them into this salt.
Leave the glasses to chill.
Give a quick blend to the strawberries and sugar.
Pour the mix into a jug.
Add lychee juice and mix.
Top up with sprite.
Pour into salt rimmed glasses and serve.

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  1. My god, i want that glass of damn attractive drink, that too with my favourite fruits strawberry and lychee..loving it.

  2. Super colorful and love the presentation.

  3. Strawberry lychee what a great flavors. I love Lychee a lot..Great tempting pics.

  4. You have use two of my fav fruits and am sure it is so refreshing!!Looks colorful too...

  5. Strawberry Lychee twirl is such a eye catching drink. Looks amazing.

  6. Love the presentation Vaishali! So attractive :)

  7. Wow a lovely color and amazing drink.

  8. Can feel the freshness of this drink through your pics! Love that cute rim..

  9. wow!!!Love the colour and presentation!!