Veggie Burger

BM # 50 Week 3 Day 3

For Day 3 under American Sandwiches I have made a Veggie Burger

A veggie burger is a hamburger-style, or chicken-style, patty that does not contain meat, but may contain animal products such as egg or milk.The patty of a veggie burger may be made from vegetables (like corn), textured vegetable protein (like soy), legumes (beans), tofu, nuts, mushrooms, or grains or seeds, like wheat and flax...

As quoted by wiki

Our family is quite fond of burgers and every time we go for our whole sale shopping we pick these wheat burger buns. The Patty is always a new Patty and the salad too is a little different. These buns are not very attractive and picture perfect, but the taste is good. This time I decided to make a patty with potatoes, cottage cheese and broccoli.

The salad was with shredded cabbage, onions and tomatoes. I omitted mayonnaise and placed a cheese slice. 

A little change in the salad ingredients and a variation in the Patty and the dressing completely changes the taste of the burger.

Here is how I made this one

2 boiled and mashed potato
1 small head broccoli, boiled and mashed
1/2 cup cottage cheese
Corn flour for binding
Salt to taste
Green chilly 
Fresh coriander leaves
Mix all ingredients .
Make into flat patty's.
Shallow fry till golden.

Assembling the burger

Cut the burger bun into two.
Apply butter.
Spread cabbage and tomatoes on one piece.
Place the Patty.
Place cheese.
Top with the second slice of the burger.
Apply butter and grill it lightly on a griddle for a few minutes.
Enjoy .

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