Tuesday, April 28, 2015

M & M Gravity Defying Cake

BM # 51
Week : 5 , Day : 2
Theme : Baking
Theme of the week: Decorative Cakes

Can you believe my 7 year old granddaughter introduced me to this cake. One fine day both my grandchildren came with loads and loads of gems packets and asked me to make a cake for them . Annaya quickly showed me a video on iPad and said..this is what I want. I promised to bake the cake for kids, but you think they could wait..right now...right now is all they went on. 

In we went in the kitchen and baked a basic small chocolate cake. We filled it up with ganache and frosted it with ganache too. Now was the time to open these packets of gems . Both the kids were excited and put these in a bowl. I was shocked that they did not pick even one to pop in . I kept teasing them...why don't you guys eat, but they just shook their heads , they wanted them all on that cake.

Once the cake was frosted we used a chopstick and poured melted chocolate on it , but very gradually.
Immediately start sticking the tiny gems.
The more hands the better.
I had many many hands though I had to make sure the chocolate coated chopstick does not droop or fall.
Once the stick is artistically coated with gems one needs to cover the cake too, but just a part of it.
Now comes the last bit, where we need to put that empty pack of M&M.
Ok let me be very frank, I used gems and got just one pack of M&M , since these are expensive in India.
The M&M pack should be cut at an angle , just a little bit.
I filled in a little bit of cotton in the pack and then stuck it to the coated chopstick.
Place it in the frig for a while , so that the stick does not fall off.
All set.
Can the kids wait...no lets get going.
In minutes the little hands were picking only gems, and I kept wondering why did I bake the cake if they had just to pick gems.

So what all is required

One basic cake
Ganache to frost
One chopstick
Cooking chocolate
One empty pack of M&M
Some cotton
And a few helping hands.

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  1. Wow, gravity cake just rocks, now i want a gravity cake for my birthday, am like a kid in front of this cake, astonishing Vaishali.

  2. That is an amazing cake Vaishali. Almost like a piece of art. My daughter said 'it's fantastic' looking at the pictures. I'm sure kids were very excited to see the cake being made. I would love to try it out some time :-)

  3. Showed it to my son and said it really looks like m&ms are falling :-). I simply love this cake, vaishali. I am glad your grandkids chose this one :-)

  4. Oh Vaishali, this looks so good. I have never done a gravity defying cake and it has been in my to do lost for long. This looks amazing...

  5. Wow, beautifully done !! It looks as if the M & Ms are falling from the pack. Cool idea to go use s chopstick & stick gems on it.

  6. very colourful :) delicious way to decorate

  7. Had to read twice to understand the procedure. :) That is one cool cake.

  8. Brilliantly made vaishali... I am wanting to eat this now... So irresistible

  9. That's a rocking cake Vaishali..kudos on the wonderful job...imagine all the wanted to pick gems..:)..now I am not going to show it to my kids..

  10. I had seen this on the web but have not tried it. Sometimes the enthusiasm of little ones is needed to try these unique techniques. You all did a great job and the cake looks fabulous.

  11. Wow gravity defying cake.. Cant wait to show this to my hubby.. He is the physics guy. :-) I can also ask him to bake it for me.

  12. I have seen this in so many baking groups was wondering how they do it. This is an awe inspiring cake for sure ! Well done

  13. Wow! This needs so much of patience to make. Looks stunning though.

  14. Gravity cake looks gorgeous,loved the way its decorated.. Kudos to your patience.

  15. You are rocking with all your cakes. And gravity cake is absolutely stunning..

  16. I have seen this cake so often on the web, but now after seeing your I am tempted to give it a try :)

  17. Wow I remember this pic Vaishali. Its beautiful and love the way the kids did it.

  18. i did one for my nephew but slightly different it was fun..the last question u ask is what i felt as well..kids went only after the candies...i like ur mini cake...looks very pretty and much neater