Chocolate Dessert served in a jar

BM # 52   Week 2   Day 3

For Day 3 under creamy recipes I have a dessert served in a jar. 

My elder daughter is very fond of chocolaty stuff, so are her kids. After a lunch or a dinner she looks around for something chocolaty , I try to ensure that there is some kind of chocolate when she comes . My niece is the same ! she too looks for a chocolate sweet after meals.So when there is nothing of their choice they both jiggle up something. This dessert is one of their beautiful experiments which all of us loved.
Yes ,chocolate mousse is what they decided I only asked them to make at least one serving in a jar. The dessert had a layer of crushed biscuits, chocolate mousse ,in between swirls of dulce le che and then topped with some whipped cream, flavored with strawberry .

Absolutely yummy dessert which was loved to the core. Sad that we had very little cream so we could whip up only one jar, the rest of the dessert was made in shot glasses without the cream. I could not click the pics of the rest of the glasses as they were attacked right away.

The dessert goes to Valli's Kids Delight which is hosted by Mireille.

Here is how the dessert was made

Layer 1 
3-4 digestive biscuits, crushed
1/2 tsp butter
Mix the biscuits and butter until crumbly.
Spoon this mix at the bottom of the jar and press with a wooden spoon.
Place it in the frig for 10 minutes.

Layer 2
Chocolate Mousse
Pour a layer of mousse

Layer 3 
Dulce le che
Next add some Dulce le che
Just swirl the mousse and Dulce le che.

Layer 4 
Whipped strawberry flavored cream
Pipe a swirl of strawberry flavored cream.

Chill the dessert and serve.

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