Fun with Sandwiches

BM # 52   Week 3   Day 3

For the third day under Snacking all the way, I have some Fun Sandwiches for little kids. These are simple sandwiches which the kids would enjoy making themselves too. They just need a few slices of bread, butter and some veggie to create these fun faces.

What you need

Bread slices
Butter / cheese spread
Cucumber slices
Tomato slices

You will need a round cookie cutter to cut the faces.

Apply butter or cheese spread.
Make fun faces as shown or let the kids create some thing they fancy.

These are the sandwiches which we made while my grand kids were around, they are 8 and 4 and wanted to cut the veggies themselves, but I  did not allow to do that, rest they did on their own. They saw some of these faces on their ipad and worked.

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