Saturday, May 2, 2015

Re cap of Fire up Your Oven April Baking Mega Marathon

To put it simply, baking is fully cooking food in an oven. Yes, this is what we did when Valli announced the event Fire up your oven. This was a month long marathon where we posted everyday. Just about anything can be baked, including breads, cakes, bars, muffins...even vegetables, though I haven't done any savory bakes, I must admit we had a good team of friends who have made some amazing bakes. And we have a good team captain, Valli who organizes these marathons to keep us on our toes.

Baking requires perfect temperature, perfect time depending on the dish that is baked. We have a variety of ovens to bake in, basically it is the dry heat which helps in baking. 

As soon as we talk of baking, I think of breads, cakes, brownies, muffins. now most of these bakery products are like cousins, with a little variation the concept changes. 

For the month of April I divided my bakes into five categories, one each for a week. Again these categories were subdivided. End of every week I have a Baking related post where you have some tips, conversion chart, egg substitutes and cake trouble shooters.

Here is a recap of this monthly event where you have all the bakes at one place. Most of these are healthy bakes , where I have used wheat flour, oats, brown sugar etc.

Week 1 - Breads

Week  2 - Tea Cakes

Week 3 - Cookies and Bars

Week 4 - Muffins and Brownies

Week 5  - Decorative Cakes

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  1. loved your bakes vaishali!!! great recap...

  2. Those are some 'Healthy' bakes and in the BM frenzy, I didn't notice that you have posted on Sundays too though I caught up with one of your posts. It was fun running the marathon with you as always. :)

  3. I liked all your bakes and enjoyed doing this marathon with you.

  4. Simply loved running this baking marathon with you, u simply rocked with ur sub themes..Keep rocking.

  5. I thought I commented already..anyway needless to say you are a pro..enjoyed all your tea cakes..will surely be making them soon!

  6. Vaishali, thoroughly enjoyed all your bakes and as always your presentation rocks. It was fun running the marathon with you :-)

  7. That is an amazing spread of bakes you baked for this marathon. Enjoyed the virtual treat

  8. Not sure if my last comment got posted or not. Enjoyed doing the marathon with you and the virtual treat of the bakes.

  9. Loved all you bakes. Some I plan to try making some I will drool on. Enjoyed it thoroughly though I have gained weight thanks to the delicious bakes.