Rose Chocolate

BM # 53   Week 2   Day 2

Rose Chocolate
For the second day under the theme movie snacks I have these Rose Chocolates. These were actually created for fun. I have always been fond of home made chocolates, and normally make in bulk. While making my batch for Diwali or any other occasion, I like to try some new ones too. The Rose one is one of the creations which was made last Diwali.

This too doesn't have a specific recipe, you just have to temper the chocolate, flavor it and pour into moulds. I had these silicon moulds for muffins with Rose Shape, rather big for a normal chocolate but well if you are having just one of those then why not.
These are like delicate indulgences which keep you happy.

 How to go about
Make sure you temper the chocolate in the right manner, check here.
Once the chocolate is nice and smooth, add Rose Extract and then pour the melted chocolate into rose muffin moulds.
Let set at room temperature, then place them in the frig.
Twist the silicon mould and your chocolates are out.
Sprinkle pink rose flavored edible dust and stick a pink pearl.
Enjoy the heavenly treat.

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