Friday, July 10, 2015

Coconut Punch

BM # 54   Week 2   Day 1

It was my daughter in laws birthday and we decided to go to Swati Snacks for lunch. This is a place which is very popular for traditional snacks , practically all traditional snacks are served here. It was on this visit we ordered a Coconut Punch. The punch was very very refreshing and soothing, all of us loved it.

This punch was so refreshing that it was instantly mind marked! I knew I would be asked to make this one,so when Valli announced the fruit based theme for Kids Delight, I immediately thought of it . Its very easy and gets done within minutes.

I made the punch with three coconuts and they were big ones, which yielded about 200 ml water each , so it served three 200 ml glasses. if the coconut water is sweet use less sugar, it has to be very mild and tastes best keeping it close to natural one.

The kevda has a very mild soothing aroma and adds a heavenly touch to the drink, how ever if it is not available you could try using Rose or Khus flavors in moderation.

Check for yourself.

3 fresh coconuts, with meat
2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp Kewda flavoring
1/2 tsp basil seeds

Soak the basil seeds in half a cup of water for 10 minutes, they will swell up.
Remove the water from coconuts.
Keep the coconut cream aside.
Chop half the coconut cream into tiny pieces.
Blend the other half of the cream,with sugar and coconut milk.
Add the chopped cream to the blended water
Add the soaked basil seeds and serve chilled.

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  1. Vaishali first thing is that glass so beautiful drink prefect for summer and beautiful picture..

  2. Nice cooling drink.. My husband might like this ... Bookmarking to try

  3. This looks absolutely delicious. With scorching heat I am yearning for this types of drinks nowadays..

  4. Basil seeds coconut water and cream ..A perfect summer drink..Looks nice.

  5. Perfect cooling drink for hot weather. Delicious

  6. wow..what a drink..great traditional reicpe..

  7. Sounds so refreshing! I can just imagine the wonderful taste.

  8. So cool to have this drink on hot summer afternoon.

  9. Nice drink Vaishali. Totally new. :) :)

  10. Perfect coolant for a hot summer day.

  11. Your first picture is just so stunning Vaishali! Absolutely love this drink.

  12. What a nutritious and refreshing summer drink. Lovely!!

  13. this sounds perfectly amazing and so refreshing to drink on a hot summer day

  14. Thats an incredible summer drink...would love to have a glass of..