Sunday, July 12, 2015

Melon and Papaya Sorbet

BM # 54   Week 1   Day 3

Melon and Papaya are the fruits which kids aren't really fond of . How about sneaking them into their favorite form.

Yes turn it into a sorbet and they will love it.
 Let me tell you how this sorbet came to my mind..well in summers papaya , melon and mangoes are always on the breakfast table, mango being everyone's favorite gets over immediately. I fuss a little over papaya and sometimes just put it away to eat later. So one day I put both melon and papaya in the frig to eat later and by after noon I was in no mood to eat so puréed and froze them and in the evening a delicious sorbet was ready.

This is my day 3 post under Kids Delight, fruit in any form.

Melon and Papaya Sorbet

1 cup musk melon
1 cup papaya
Rose syrup

Chop the melon and papaya into chunks.
Blend them to a fine puree.
Freeze this puree.
Just before serving remove it and blend for a few seconds.
A lovely sorbet will be ready.
Pour in a glass and drizzle some Rose syrup and serve.

This is just enough for one person, you could increase the quantity according to your family.

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  1. healthy yum rose flavor in it..

  2. i loved the dazzlign colour :-)) and the fine bone china plate too ! too good :-)

  3. Papaya sorbet looks delicious..great for summers.

  4. Love the colorful sorbet. Please send it to the kid's delight event.

  5. Wow what a lovely color of papaya and melon, looks delicious

  6. That is such an interesting combo Vaishali. Looks so colorful and refreshing.

  7. So refreshing and colorful sorbet.

  8. Alluring sorbet, wonderful dessert to finish a heavy meal..

  9. colorful and appetizing - perfect for summer

  10. I love the vibrant colors. The flavor combination is very interesting.