Saturday, July 11, 2015

Tea Sangria

BM # 54   Week 2  Day 2

Since my son has got married I see a lot of iced tea being made. Ya my DIL is very fond of it and must have it everyday. In routine the house boy has become perfect at making it and every evening three nice jars are ready. I am not a tea person so not for me, but sometimes if my DIL insists I have a sip or two.

For this particular iced tea she made special ice with fruit juice and and then proceeded the way she does. We added apple slices and mint.This is my Day 2 post under Kids Delight.Fruits

The recipe is simple and gets done in a jiffy.

Tea Sangria
1 lt of water
1 tbsp loose tea
Sugar to taste
Juice of two lemons
Lots of ice
Fruit slices.

Put water to boil.
Add tea leaves, let boil.
Switch off the gas.
Add sugar let it dissolve,
Strain and discard the tea leaves.
Fill a pitcher and chill it.
Before serving add mint, lemon juice, ice cubes and fruit slices.

Notes: I made ice cubes from apple juice. You could use any other flavored juice or even fresh juice for ice cubes.
if not using fruit ice you could add some fruit juice and regular ice cubes.

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  1. Perfect for the summers ! Nice drink

  2. nice twist on regular to try it..

  3. A prefect drink to cool your senses when it hot outside.

  4. Wow what a refreshing summer drink.

  5. Iced teas are very popular here in Summer. Your version with apple and mint sounds just perfect on a hot afternoon.

  6. Like the idea of using fruit flavored ice. Lovely tea and I would not mind sipping it through the day.

  7. Even am not a fan of Ice tea. This deep colour is so inviting!! Nice one.

  8. Thats an incredible drink, i can drink a gallon without any fuss..

  9. like your dil I love iced tea and wouldlove a glass of this any night

  10. Iced tea is great for a hot summer afternoon.

  11. Sounds very interesting Vaishali..though I am not a tea person too...that jar looks inviting!