Mango Parfait

BM # 55    Week 2   Day 3

For the third day under No Bake Desserts I have a Mango Parfait. While making the Tiramisu , the Strawberry Tiramisu, I had practically all ingredients out , so I decided to make one more dessert. Yes, I made all three desserts at one go. My hubby is a great fan of mangoes, so this one was for him. A very simple and a quick dessert, if you have all ingredients ready.

Mango Parfait

Serves : 2

Vanilla sponge Cake
Ricotta Cheese
Whipped cream
Mango cut into cubes
Chocolate ganache

Here is how I assembled it , this proportion works well for serving two.
1 cup crumbled cake
2 tbsp ricotta cheese
1 /2 cup whipped cream
1 large mango cut into cubes.
Mix ricotta and whipped cream.
Fold in the cake crumbs and mango pieces.
Keep aside.
Pour the freshly made ganache into a glass and rotate the glass to form a pattern.
When I say fresh ganache, I mean you make and use it right away, the consistency would be thicker than the chocolate sauce.
Put a scoop of the mango cream crumb mix .
Pipe out a good layer of whipped cream .
Pour some ganache and serve chilled.
This is a dessert for mango lovers, I used the king of mangoes, Alphanzo mango , which itself is very delicious, so one can imagine the taste of the dessert. The pics definitely do not justify the taste.

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