Strawberry Tiramisu

BM # 55  Week 2  Day 2

While I was making the Tiramisu, my niece wanted to eat a different version of Tiramisu. Long back I had made a Strawberry Tiramisu for her, which she loved. For today's version I used frozen strawberries as this is not the season of fresh ones here. I must admit that the same desert when made with fresh strawberries tastes much much better than the frozen ones. So in case you get fresh, please use fresh strawberries.

Well in spite of using frozen strawberries, the dessert was a complete hit. It is done in a jiffy.

I had the Marscarpone cheese and whipped cream ready for the Tiramisu, so I quickly jiggled up one serving for her. Let me tell you how I made this one.

Here is what you need
Hide and seek biscuits
Coffee decoction
Marscarpone and whipped cream mix

Here is how I made
Dip the hide and seek biscuits in the coffee decoction.
Make a layer of these biscuits.
Pipe out the cream mix over the biscuits.
Arrange a layer of strawberries, fresh or frozen.
Pipe out another layer of cream .
Repeat the biscuit layer.
Now add strawberry puree to the rest of the cream , pipe out a layer.
Serve chilled.

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