Tiramisu in a jar

BM # 55  Week 2  Day 1

I have always been fond of western desserts, but somehow unless there is a get together or a party, I don't make these. This time I had no party, my DIL wanted to eat a Tiramisu and I had baked a sponge so decided to make two servings. I have made a Tiramisu for Eggless Bakers Group, but that was long back and it was a proper cake. This time I have made some changes , but yet. Tiramisu is a Tiramisu, and can't change much. Right?
Coming to today's Tiramisu, I had some ready Marscarpone Cheese , which was very handy, not that it is difficult to make your own . I used a combination of both whipped cream and Marscarpone cheese.

This is my week 2 post under Non Baked Desserts.

Here is what you need
Vanilla sponge cake
Coffee decoction
A mix of Marscarpone Cheese and whipped cream

Here is how I made
Since I made in jars I cut the cake into slices and then cut it with a cookie cutter to get circles.
Dip the round cake slices into coffee decoction and make the first layer.
Fill the cream mix into a piping bag and pipe out a layer on the cake.
Sprinkle praline.
( you could use any brittle for this, just pound it roughly )
Put another cake slice dipped into decoction.
Repeat a layer of cream.
Sprinkle some coffee powder to finish off.

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