Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Accompaniments for The Sindhi Thadri Spread

The Thadri spread is incomplete without accompaniments. The Mitho Lolo is specially enjoyed with the pickle . The sanna Pakoras with Sai Chutney, and the paratha and the other flat breads with Raito and Dudh and the Thadri Vegetables. Dudh is a Sindhi word for curd and Kahto is sour. 

Khatto Dudh

This is something like the South Indian curd rice, but slightly on the sour side. The rice is cooked soft and added in milk, with a teaspoon of yogurt culture. Mustard powder , and dry ginger powder is added to make this sour. Ok, let me give you the recipe..

1/2 cup cooked mushy rice
2 cups luke warm milk
1 tsp fresh yogurt
Place the cooked rice in a ceramic bowl.
Add luke warm milk.
Mix in the yogurt.
Cover and place in a warm place till set.
Normally I keep it overnight.

Next day morning add
1/8 tsp Mustard powder
Dry ginger powder, just a pinch
Salt to taste
Coriander leaves for garnish.
Mix in all ingredients and give it a good stir.
Chill and enjoy.

Boondi Raito
Boondi is savory tiny gram flour dumplings.We do have a sweet version of Boondi too which is used for Indian Sweets, but for a raito you need these tiny savoury ones.
I normally buy ready made packets of boondi.
Soak about 1/4 cup of boondi in water for 10 minutes , squeeze add to 2 cups curd.
Normally I season it with roasted cumin powder, and red chilly powder.

Ambriyun ji Khatayan
I served store bought mango pickle, but the Punjabi Mango Pickle is very very similar to the Sindhi Mango Pickle.

Sai Chutney
This is a chutney made with onion, mint, coriander, ginger, garlic, green chilly and raw mango or tamarind.

This is a part of The Sindhi Thadri Spread that I served for Buffet on the Table.
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  1. I wouldn't mind to taste those scrumptious accompaniments with or without main course.

  2. You have prepared and awesome accompaniments spread. Everything looks mouthwatering

  3. the khato dudh reminds of our koozh / porrdige. yum

  4. khato dudh, i want to make it soon, beautiful collection of recipes

  5. Nice accompaniments..would love to try this all, esp khato dudh..

  6. That curd rice sure looks like the South Indian version but so different in preparation. Loved all your accompaniments.

  7. Love it Vaishali> want to say that you have gone and made so much just to introduce us to the beautiful festival.

  8. sai chutney and that mango pickle, hmm, vaishali i have made a simple lunch today, sitting and commenting on your thali;s , i dont think that lunch is going to satiate me any more!!!