Saturday, September 19, 2015

Morabayeh Goleh Sorkh / Persian Rose Jam

BM # 56
Week : 3 , Day: 6
Theme: Condiments
Country : Persia

I still wonder how I landed on this condiment. All of you know that I love roses, and use them a lot . When I read the name Rose Jam I was keen on knowing what exactly it was. I must have gone through a number of sites to read on it and finally decided that it was definitely on the lines of our Indian Gulkand. 

Morabayeh Goleh Sorkh !!

The word took me a few minutes to catch on, the word Morabayeh is murrabba which means jam, a Goleh is Gul, which means flower and Sorkh is vibrant red . So this clearly explains the name Red Rose Jam.

After reading the recipe I was happy that it was a quick recipe, but when I actually got on to do I realized it was a little tricky. Tricky because if we are not careful the sugar crystallizes, hence the use of lemon juice.The other thing that bothered me was that if I was leaving the syrup a little thin I was finding the ingredients were not combining very well , also it tasted very very sugary and sweet. So, I decided to use rose petal powder . Similarly to bind the jam I used some coarsely powdered nuts, the coarse powders absorbed the syrup and the end result was a heavenly jam. Frankly speaking I would not call it a jam, this is one dessert which is absolutely divine. I poured into a jar and asked my family to taste after dinner. I was really happy that this Morabayeh Goleh Sorkh was a total hit, a recipe that I created after many trials  and errors.

Persian Rose Jam
Recipe Source :Adapted from  My Persian Kitchen

2 cups water
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp lemon juice
1/4 cup rose water
1 cup dry rose petals
2 tbsp powdered rose petals
1/4 cup walnuts
1/4 cup pistachios 

Pre pare
Roast the rose petals, it should not be more than a few minutes, so that they get that crunch.
Blend another 1/4 cup rose petals in a spice blender, it could be a coarse powder.
Using a nut cutter, chop the walnuts and pistachios. 
Pick a handful of these and pound them lightly in a mortar and pestle., now we have a combination of coarse and powdered nuts.

Combine sugar and water and in a thick pot.
Keep stirring till the sugar melts.
Allow the syrup to thicken . 
This should reduce to half.
Add rose water and lemon juice.
Add the rose petals and the coarse petal powder.
Add the nuts and mix well.
Place a kitchen towel over the lid of the pot and cover the whole jam. 
Let the jam sit and steam on its own and eventually cool .
The towel will catch the moisture that rises and won’t let it fall onto the jam. 
Once cooled place the jam in a sterilized glass jar and store in the refrigerator. 

The idea here is to make sure that the syrup thicken to a just right dense consistency. If it is too watery the jam will not store properly and will go bad fairly quickly. If the syrup is too thick then the sugar will crystallize in the jar. From the original 2 cups of water we ended up with about one cup.

The lemon juice is important to avoid crystals.

The jam is ready to eat as soon as it cools down to room temperature. But letting it rest one day before eating is probably a good idea as the flavors really infuse well.

I also made a dessert with this condiment, which was again really appreciated.
Coming to the dessert, I made a pannacotta with this jam, layered it with digestive biscuits. I finished it with some whipped cream and rose syrup.
This is the recipe that I used for Pannacotta .

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