Friday, September 4, 2015

Three Ingredient Chocolate Ice cream

Three ingredient chocolate ice cream
I hardly make ice creams, and I wonder why. I love to make the traditional kulfis and make lot of variations too, but ice creams ! well perhaps this chocolate is my second ice cream after the Mango. I was hesitant because even though I have a good refrigerator it always betrays me when I have to freeze something for a special occasion. Nevertheless I took a chance and went ahead hoping and praying that my ice cream sets well and holds itself while I scoop out. Fortunately God saved me!

This is a simple ice cream made with three ingredients and is quite quick to make.
All we need is cocoa powder, condensed milk and fresh whipped cream.

My ice cream has  little ripples of teal color as I made it with teal colored cream.

1/2 cup + 2 tbsp condensed milk
3 tbsp + 4 tbsp cocoa powder
1 cup fresh cream

Mix the condensed milk with 3 tbsp cocoa powder to a smooth consistency.
Add the rest of cocoa powder .
Whip the cream till soft peak forms and the cream holds itself.
Take a small scoop of the whipped cream and mix in the cocoa mix.
Now fold in the cocoa cream mix to the rest of whipped cream.
Fold gently.
Once the cream has mixed well, pour in an aluminum container, cover with a lid or cling film .
Place it in the deep freeze to set.
I left it overnight and got amazing results and fortunately the freezer didn't give away. I served it with Cassata Cake.

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  1. This recipe is similar to the one I made. It is such an easy recipe and it was tasty, wasn't it? Next time I will try it with chocolate.

  2. such an easy and delicious ice cream... yummy!!!

  3. I love this recipe Vaishali..Happy Birthday to your Dad..he had a great taste!

  4. Very tasty and mouth watering ice cream.Love your presentation.

  5. nice and simple recipe to fall back on always

  6. Happy birthday to ur Dad, wat a stunning cake..

  7. Wonderful clicks . You have made it very simple for others to try this immediately.

  8. This recipe is so simple and the ice cream looks so creamy. Will try it..

  9. simple and easy. Can whip it up no time huh? cool vaishali

  10. That is such a simple 3 ingredient ice cream. Love it. Will try soon.

  11. Vaishali this is an easy n yummy ice cream. Guess I will make it soon

  12. looks delicious!! these days i serve only home-made icecreams, this one is bookmarked!!!