Saturday, October 17, 2015

Caramel Rice Payasam

BM # 57
Week :3 , Day: 1
Theme: Indian Sweets

You all know my love for Kheers,and a Payasam is a different name to a kheer. While discussing dishes from Tamil Spread ,Valli told me about this caramel payasam, I wondered if it was authentic! Valli quickly cleared me on that and I decided to make this delicious payasam for my Tamil Spread. I served it chilled and wished the caramel was more prominent , but all the same everyone simply loved it.

Caramel Rice Payasam
Serves 2-4
Recipe Source ; Spice Your Life

1/4 cup rice
1/2 lt milk
1/4 + 2 tsp sugar

Wash and soak the rice for 10 mins.
Add 2 tsp sugar to a pressure cooker and place it on slow fire.
Keep stirring till the sugar has completely melted and comes to a pale brown color.
Switch off the gas and remove the cooker from the gas.
After 2-3 minutes add 2 cups milk to the cooker and place it back on the fire.
Keep stirring and now the flame can be on full.
Let the milk boil and mix with the caramel.
The milk will turn to a pale brown.
Add rice and pressure cook for 3 whistles.
Let the pressure release.
Open the cooker and add sugar.
Mix well.
Add the rest of the milk , let simmer for a while. Till you get the perfect consistency of the Kheer.
Remove and add nuts. Chill and serve.

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  1. Caramel payasam looks delicious. Never tried this version of payasam. Have to try it next time.

  2. Hard to see the caramel color but it must have tasted delicious.

  3. Hard to resist to that bowl of rich looking delicious payasam..

  4. Caramel rice payasam, such a unique recipe. Looks delicious and the spread looks very tempting.

  5. Caramel rice payasam looks very inviting.Bookmarked

  6. Thats a very interesting recipe Vaishali. I dont remember seeing this in Valli's space as well.

  7. This kheer must have tasted soooooo decadent and delicious.

  8. Amazing spread, Vaishali. Unable to take my eyes off the whole platter. The payasam is one of the many mouthwatering dishes there!

  9. I love these type of puddings especially now that the weather has chilled

  10. That's my favorite payasam and your spread is making me nostalgic about home and mom food!

  11. I love that spread and the payasam sounds really unique. Never heard about the caramel payasam.

  12. However many times I see that banana leaf spread, I can't but keep drooling over beautifully done..and I love this payasam..