Kaju Kesar Katli

BM # 61

Week :1 , Day: 3

Theme: Indian Mithai

For the last day under Indian Mithais I have the popular Kaju Kesar Katli. This is one sweet which is very popular in all homes. I am not a great fan of cashews , but it happens to be a favorite mithai of the family. Kesar is saffron in Hindi, it also refers to the saffron color . Adding it to the katli , changes the taste of this rich Mithai.

Brushing the dissolved saffron on the top adds on to its beauty and the taste , both. Normally this sweet is garnished with a silver leaf but I like it with saffron and chopped nuts.this Mithai is vegan and our vegan friends can enjoy it too.

Kaju Kesar Katli

2 cups cashew powder
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup water

Add water to the sugar and keep for boiling.
When sugar melts, add the cashew powder.
Keep stirring on low flame
When bubbles start coming, and the mixture starts leaving sides, put off the flame.
Add a few drops of dissolved saffron.
Allow to cool a little.
Roll between two polythene sheets.
Remove the top sheet and brush the dissolved saffron on the top layer.
Sprinkle chopped almonds and pistachios.

I like a thicker Katli , but you can roll it thin too.

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