Thursday, February 4, 2016

Oats Ladoo with Edible Gum

BM # 62
Week :1 , Day: 2
Theme: Indian Mithai

Suddenly I have become fond of making ladoos. I remember my first ladoos were a recipe from Priya Srinivasan. The Oats and Poha ladoos ! Those ladoos are a big hit and I have gifted umpteen boxes of these ladoos. While making those I thought of adding the edible gum which is very healthy, specially during the last months of pregnancy and post delivery. Almonds give these ladoos a very nutty flavor and make them filling too. Well pregnancy or delivery is not the only time for relishing these, go ahead and enjoy them during winters, while traveling, pack them for kids lunch box or even enjoy them after a meal as a dessert.

Yes these ladoos are my post for week 1 where I have chosen Indian Mithai as my theme.

Oats Ladoo with Edible Gum

1 cup oats
1 cup pressed rice
1/4 cup edible gum
1 cup sugar, powdered
1/2 cup almonds, powdered
1 tsp Cardamon powder
Ghee for binding the ladoos

Roast the oats and poha separately.
Grind them to a fine powder.
Fry the edible gum.
Grind to a fine powder
Grind the almonds to a fine powder.
Mix the powdered oats, Poha, edible gum, almonds, sugar and Cardamon powder.
Taste and check for sugar.
Add enough warm ghee to the mix so that you are able to bind the ladoos.
Garnish with pistachios.

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  1. Oats and poha must pack a lot of flavor in these ladoos. Edible gum is a very interesting addition.

  2. I like gaund in ladoos.With oats and poha the ladoos must have tasted awesome.

  3. Edible gum is good and nice addition to ladoos.

  4. Thanks vaishali! ! Love u loads❤❤! Ladoo looks super tempting!!

  5. subah subah these ladoos got me drooling ! ladoos without ghee means a great deal :) will def try ... when u say fry the edible gum, fry in oil ?? have never used it...

  6. I remember oats poha laddu recipe Priya shared. i have saved that recipe and am yet to try. oats ladoo with edible gum look sinfully delicious. Never used edible gum. Will have to look for it next time I do my Indian groceries.

  7. Never made ladoos before! I leave that to my MIL. She is amazingly good. Oats and poha sounds so refreshing in the ladoo context!

  8. super awesome. I havent tried edible gum. Great recipe.

  9. Looks very tasty and healthy...the perfect combo

  10. Looks so delicious good..

  11. Fantastic healthy laddoos, simply love the addition of edible gum.

  12. Super tempting ladoo,yet to try my hands with edible gum..

  13. Yo have taken the ladoo making experience to the next level. I loved edible gm texture when I used it some time back. Definitely trying this :)

  14. Your ladoo posts are so good Vaishali. I am craving for some ladoos now..

  15. Such a lovely combination of ingredients in this laddoo. Perfect for winter time. Will have to try these.

  16. Addition of edible gum is interesting.