Nariyal ki Chakki

BM ; 62
Week : 1, Day : 2
Theme : Cooking with Coconut

Yesterday I used fresh coconut and made ladoos , today I have have used the dried coconut and made a Chakki. Chakki is a piece and this particular mithai is a speciality from Uttarkhand. While on my trip to Haridwar , I learnt this sweet from a local there. The only time taken is for grating the dried coconut, rest all is done in a jiffy.

The sweet has just coconut, sugar and Cardamon. Yes just three ingredients but tastes absolutely delicious.

Tomorrow I will come up with yet another coconut see this week's theme is Cooking with Coconut. You shall see a new form of coconut tomorrow, so come back tomorrow for a Coconut delicacy.

Nariyal ki Chakki

500 gms dried coconut, grated
2 cups sugar
Cardamon powder

Grate the coconut.Do not use the desiccated coconut, the taste will change.
Add sugar to a non stick pan and just enough water to cover it.
Let the sugar melt, add cook till you have one thread consistency syrup.
Add Cardamon powder and the grated coconut.
Mix well, and transfer to a greased tray.
Let set for a while and then cut into desired shape.
Garnish with pistachios .


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