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B - Bhori / Crumbled Chapati with Butter and Sugar

BM # 63
Day : 2
Theme : Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi

  Bhori is a crumbled whole wheat flour roti , seasoned with sugar and tempered with butter or ghee. This is a typical Sindhi breakfast which is served with Sindhi Papad. This is my recipe for Day 2 for Journey Through the Cuisines and also my entry for A-Z Challenge for 2016.

This is a breakfast which is rather sinful,yutterly butterly delicious. It has lots of childhood memories. From what I know of all Sindhi mom's resort to this Bhori when their children throw tantrums while eating meals. Kids are really happy with Bhori. Well , let me tell you a secret, all the grown ups too love it, only they do not admit it...calories , calories right?

The name Bhori comes from the Sindhi word bhor..which means to break. The dish is also called Makhan Maani. Maani is another term used for chapati or Fulko.

Bhori is made with the chapati . The chapati is made from the regular roti dough that we make for everyday. The Sindhi chapati or rather Fulko as Sindhis call it is made in a different way. While rolling the Fulko , ghee is smeared and that makes the Fulko much softer. Once the Fulko has been cooked, you remove it and apply more ghee and crush it with a rolling pin.. For Bhori this is then further crushed . Sugar , butter or ghee are added and the whole mixture is crumbled with hands to get a crumb like texture. The sugar does not melt and you get that mild crunch.

Should we get down to the recipe now...



Make a soft chapati dough by adding water.
Cover and keep aside for 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, grease your hands and knead the dough once again.
Divide the dough into 3 balls.
Taking a ball , dust in whole wheat flour.
Flatten it and roll to a 4" disc.
Apply ghee or butter .
Using your thumb and first finger , pinch the disc in the center. this shall divide it into two discs, but yet they are joint.
Sprinkle some flour on one side.
Fold over one side on top the other making a sandwich.
Dust with flour and roll the chapati, slightly thicker than the usual.
Heat a griddle and roast the chapati.
When the chapati is cooked , bring it on the counter , apply ghee and crush slightly.

We are done with our Sindhi Fulko, similarly make more fulkas.
Let's proceed to make Bhori.
Bring the fulko on the counter and using a rolling pin crush it (check the collage )
Take a deep bowl add a chunk of butter and sugar to taste.
Add the crushed fulko.
Mix everything very well , crushing the fulkas and incorporating the sugar and butter into them with hands.
Serve right away.

This whole process has to be done at a super jet speed. Normally while making Bhori, I always make one Fulka and crush and make Bhori , so that the butter melts immediately and we do not need to heat it.
While crushing and mixing the hot Fulka one does feel the heat for a couple of seconds, but it is a matter of getting used to.
We should use room temperature butter so that it is easy to mix everything.
The sugar should normally be of a medium thickness variety, so it gets slightly melted .
However we can surely microwave the Bhori for a couple of seconds to heat one cannot eat a cold or room temperature Bhori.

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  1. Vaishali, I would be happily eating this and also accept the fact that I love it. Not sure if I will have enough for the kids. Wonderful recipe for B.

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