Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D - Dothee / Satta / Sugar Coated Flaky Pastry

BM # 63
Day : 4
Theme: Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi

Our Journey through Cuisines lands on the alphabet 'D' today and I have Dothees for you. Dothee is a sweet made from all purpose flour, just like a flaky poori but sweet. The Dothee is made salt free and then dipped in a sugar syrup, the syrup clings to it and settles on it, thus giving it a nice cloudy look. Rose petals make this sweet look very pretty.

Since these are deep fried they have a very good shelf life , it's easy to store them too.These are normally made throughout the year, and distributed as prasad at satsangs. Normally 4-6 Dothees are packed in a small ziplock bag . These are also distributed as prasad on the 12 th day when an elderly person passes away. We have special shops which cater to this prasad. Normally you will not find these Dothees in a regular sweet shop, this is a typical Sindhi Sweet available only at Sindhi Sweet shops. In some communities these are also called Satta.

It was hard for me to find the recipe for this sweet, but my new Gujju friend from the building made something similar, I immediately asked her the recipe and modified it and voila, they turned out just perfect.

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Makes;6-8 pieces

1 cup APF
1/4 cup ghee
1/8 tsp baking powder
1 tbsp curd
Water to bind the dough
Ghee for deep frying

Sugar syrup
1 cup sugar
3/4 cup water


Rose petals

Sift the flour and add baking powder.
Add ghee and rub it to resemble bread crumbs.
Add curd and mix well.
Now adding water gradually bind the dough.
Cover and keep for 10 minutes.
Pinch out small balls and roll into a 2" disc.
Heat ghee and then simmer it.
Add the discs and fry on slow to medium , trying to retain the light color.
Make sure the Dothees are cooked .
Remove with a slotted spoon and let cool completely.
Ideally leave them for a couple of hours.

Place sugar and water in a pan.
Let boil and let the syrup cook till nice and thick.
Switch off the gas.

Finishing it up
Dip each dothee in the sugar syrup, remove and place it on a tray.
Garnish with rose petals.
Similarly dip all dothees and garnish with rose petals.
Let dry and then remove from tray and store.

The Dothees should be nice and flaky.
After dipping each Dothee in the sugar syrup immediately garnish with rose petals.
Dipping process should be done quickly as the syrup stars thickening as it starts cooling.
Sometimes the syrup becomes very thick , by the time you are at the finishing point, in that case reheat the syrup adding a few drops of water.
These Dothees have a good shelf life and you can keep them in a jar for at least 15 days, probably more.

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