Monday, April 18, 2016

O - Orange ji Barfi / Orange Fudge

BM # 63
Day : 18
Theme: Regional Cuisine 
Cuisine : Sindhi

O for Orange ! The minute the alphabet O comes you think of Orange so what could be better than Orange ji Mithai with the alphabet O in our Journey through Cuisines.

The Orange is actually called Naarangi in Sindhi , but I had to resort to this English word as I had absolutely no choice.

The Orange ji Mithai is made with a little orange Zest, khoya sugar and some food color and essence. It was my first trial with this mithai and I was very happy with the result. In fact I carried this mithai for my daughter and her FIL was really impressed. I know I should have let the mithai set a little longer to get firm pieces, but since I was in a rush to carry it, I did not wait. The mithai had a very pleasing citrusy flavor and I actually could have finished the whole lot.

I am also linking this post to the A-Z Challenge.

 Here is the recipe...

Orange Barfi

500 gms unsweetened khoya
250-300 gms powdered sugar
1-2 tsp orange zest
Few drops orange color
Few drops orange color

Grate the khoya and mix with sugar.
Place in a heaven bottomed pan and cook on slow fire.
Cook till the mixture becomes semi solid.
Remove from fire.
Let cool, add the zest, color and essence.
Mix well and spread on a greased tray.
Cut into squares and garnish with almonds.

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  1. Sounds delicious! I love orange...

  2. Orange flavored burfi must have tasted awesome. Nice presentation of the burfi.

  3. This must be one flavorful and yummy burfi. I have a big bottle of orange blossom water and I am going to try this soon. ☺

  4. Such an amazing flavor Orange has right..this is a delicious sweet to try!

  5. Looks like a delicious flavourful mithai. I like to add citrus peels in bakes. Adding it to Indian sweet is new but love that..

  6. Wish you pack me some, highly irresistible orange fudge, my mouth is just watering here.. You are torturing me Vaishali.

  7. Orange burfi looks tempting and must have tasted flavorful.

  8. Wonderful and same pinch for orange. I too posted an orange recipe.

  9. Very flavorful and looks sinful too.

  10. Burfi looks amazing, love the pretty color on it.

  11. my husband's aunt made this for us when we visited her as newlyweds... brings back a lot of memories.... :)

  12. Orange barfi looks so good. I loved the way you plated it!!

  13. Lovely looking orange barfi Vaishali. Looks sooo yummy!!

  14. The burfi looks gorgeous Vaishali and would love the orange flavor in them!

  15. just the zest, thats cool and easy one to make

  16. sounds delicious - never before seen barfi with orange flavor - but I am sure I would love it