Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chilly Ginger Pickle

BM # 64
Week : 1, Day;1
Theme: Preserves and Pickles

Chilly Ginger pickle is a zero oil pickle. It has just chillies, ginger , lemon and salt.
It is a pickle which has an amazing flavor and is enjoyed with Cholas, Daals. The ginger turns pink after salt and lemon juice are added. The pickle needs to mature for a couple of days, but trust me the lemon juice instantly gets both the flavors of chilly as well as ginger right on day one. I have to hide the pickle so that nobody finishes the juice before its mature.

After the pickle has matured ( let me tell you while writing this my mouth is watering ) the juice still gets over the fastest, as everyone loves to add it over Daals and Cholas. I love to make this pickle with spicy green chillies, but you can use any you feel like. The recipe is super super simple and the outcome super super delicious.

Chilly Ginger Pickle

Green chillies, washed and slit
Ginger julienne
Salt to taste
Lemon juice

Put chillies, ginger julienne, salt in a jar .
Mix well.
Top the jar with lemon juice, enough juice so that everything is soaked in.
Seal and hide for two days.

Note : You can choose your own proportion of chillies and ginger, only ensure the juice should cover them.

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  1. A very nice pickle for those that love a spicy touch to their food.

  2. This pickle sounds so flavourful. Love it..

  3. Simply ultimate, chinese restaurants serve chilly pickle this way, adding ginger sounds too good.

  4. Yup ! Must be delicious ... My husband makes most of these oil
    Free pickles at home :) and this combo is his favourite :)

  5. That pickle must be interesting to try!...I am not a pickle person so should wait for a chance to make this..

  6. That is a quick pickle to enjoy with some parathas.

  7. Looks delicious. I am trying it asap

  8. Most favored pickle in my family during winters... Love the pink color ginger gets on addition of lemon juice

  9. That must be a spicy one there with ginger to add to the spice.

  10. That is such an easy to make pickle. Will have to try it some time.

  11. what a simple pickle - can imagine the intense flavor

  12. Such a simple and flavorful pickle! Looks beautiful