Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Garlic Bread with Wedges

BM # 64
Week :2 , Day : 2
Theme: Brunch ideas for Kids

For the second day with Brunch Ideas I have Kids favorite, garlic bread and wedges. These days life has become simple and the supermarkets stock the wedges in the freezer section, but trust me nothing like home made wedges. Garlic Bread is so simple that even a kid can make it, provided the garlic butter is ready.

Potatoes,cut into wedges.boiled to 50%
1 tsp oil
Salt and pepper to taste
Juice of one lemon
2 tsp chick pea flour

Boil the wedges to 50 % in salted water.
Drain and pat dry on a kitchen towel.
Mix oil, lemon juice, pepper and chick pea flour in another bowl.
Mix in the wedges.
The wedges will be slightly coated with the mixture.
Sprinkle some crushed cornflakes.
Mix gently.
Deep fry till tender and crisp.

Garlic Bread
Cut slices from a loaf or use regular bread slice.
Apply garlic butter and toast the bread in the oven till crisp.

I served these with Blue Lagoon to make it a complete brunch.

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  1. This combo must be ultimate one to enjoy a leisure morning..everything looks so inviting!

  2. Am an ardent fan of garlic bread and potato wedges,so tempting brunch. A real feast for kids definitely.

  3. It's indeed a lovely combo... Not only for kids, but undoubtedly for all

  4. Wow!!garlic bread is so tempting..must be filling brunch along with the crispy potato wedges.

  5. OMG Vaishali, my kids would love this whole meal. Your potato wedges look so crispy & delicious.

  6. That is a nice recipe for the potato wedges. The whole platter looks so divine..

  7. Forget the kids, I would be one happy person to eat this platter.

  8. The blue drink caught my eye and the bread - wedge combo sounds awesome.

  9. I am more interested in how you made the blue lagoon - love the color!