The Blue Lagoon


BM # 64
Week : 4 , Day : 1
Theme: Summer Coolers

We are in the last week of BM # 64 and for this week I have chosen Summer coolers.

The very first day I have a pretty looking drink called The Blue Lagoon. I have used coconut water and blue curaçao syrup. Blue curaçao is a popular ingredient in many drinks. Traditionally it is a liqueur distilled from orange peel, sometimes with an addition of the curaçao or lemon fruit. I remember this color always attracted me and found it very pretty. We can dilute the syrup with orange juice or simple tonic water but I like the combination of fresh coconut water, it makes it healthy as well as pretty.

Recipe ? Do we need?

The Blue Lagoon

Blue curaçao syrup
Coconut water
Mint leaves

Chill the coconut water.
Pour about 2 tbsp syrup in a glass.
Top with coconut water.
Add mint leaves for garnish .
Serve chilled.

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