Foetaa / Fresh Garbanzo Beans

BM # 65
Week: 2, Day : 3
Theme: One veggie cooked in 3 ways

We are into the second week of BM 65 and for this week I will be cooking one vegetable in three styles.I have chosen to cook Choliya or the fresh green garbanzo or hare channe. While I lived in Delhi we called these Choliya, here they call it Leela channa and the Sindhis call it Saava Foetaa. Saava implies to the green color. The names might be different but for sure these are considered among exotic veggies and are pretty expensive.

I go back some 40 years back when I was a teenager, my dad used to get bushes of these Choliya , and my granny used to pluck out each pod from it. It was a tedious job , but she never grumbled and after removing the pods she would cook them. The method is simple and these tastes awesome and are terribly addictive. I would say total time pass. The new generation would love to eat but who has the time to peel each pod and patience ! Right? 

For today it is my granny's recipe, cooked by mom while she was here in winters. Here is how they are made..

These are the bushes and each pod has to be separated.

The pods are roasted in a iron kadai , sold as street food.


Whole pods of Choliya

Wash the Choliya .
Heat a pressure cooker, add a tsp of ghee.
Add the washed pods, sprinkle some salt.
Add a few teaspoons of water and pressure cook for one or two whistle.
Switch off the flame and let the pressure drop.
Open the cooker, remove the pods with a slotted spoon.
Sprinkle dry mango powder and red chilly powder.
Enjoy !

Well how does a person eat these?
Some people, like me do not have the patience to peel the cooked pod and eat, so I eat the pod as it is, the peel of the pod has a wonderful flavor.You then spit out the dry peel. There is some water in these pods and it is a treat enjoying it. Well , some people peel the pods and then eat, some take the whole pod , hold it at the end and then just pull it two get both the peel flavor from pod as well as the bean inside.

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