Sunday, June 5, 2016

Paani Poori Lollies

BM # 65
Week: 1, Day : 3
Theme: Summer Coolers

You all know my love for Paani Poori. I need it at least twice a week. I love to try different versions of this awesome street food. During the previous marathons I have made paani Poori with different flavored waters too. This time I made regular water and I had some leftover water. Normally I hate to waste, specially this spicy water. I just drink it up the next day, but this time I decided to freeze it and make a lolly out of it. Since the water was quite spicy I thought it would be interesting to finish it up with some sweet Meethi chutney.

So here is how I made these Lollies

What you need

How to go about
Mix the water very well , and pour in the lolly mould.
Place them in a freezer for 20 minutes, remove and blend for a few seconds.
Pour it back in the lolly mould and this time freeze till almost done.
Add two teaspoons of the sweet chutney and refreeze , till completely frozen .

The idea behind freezing and pulsing is to blend back all the spices, else they just settle at the bottom.

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This post also goes to PJ who is hosting Kid's Delight this month.

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  1. Omg, this is seriously too much, paani poori lollies, omg where do u get this much creative ideas Vaishali.

  2. Gosh now that's really a fantastic way to enjoy the hot summer!

  3. Wow, what an interesting and innovative popsicles with pani poori. Sounds absolutely delicious.

  4. This is so innovative! I usually freeze my left over paani after making pani puri. This is such a lovely thing to sip on.....I am trying it next time.

  5. OMG.. last year I made kalakhatta and loved it. I bet this would be heavenly with bursting flavors. wonderful

  6. After two interesting sweet recipes, I love this tangy lollies for the Marathon. Would love to try this innovative idea soon!

  7. Am drooling here Vaishali. I haven't even forgot the paani poori shots you made during the meet. Next time we meet, you need to make these for me..