Murukku Sandwich

BM # 66
Week: 3, Day : 2
Theme: Sandwich without Bread

For the second day under no bread sandwiches I have a Murukku Sandwich. This is a street food served in Chennai. I am not sure if my Chennai friends have had this.One of our friends of Foodaholics group suggested this sandwich and sent me a link too.
The sandwich gets ready in a jiffy, provided you have green chutney. Even otherwise it is a matter of couple of minutes and you have a lip smacking sandwich.

Murukku Sandwich

Green chutney
Cucumber, sliced
Tomato, sliced
Chaat masala
Cheese, grated
Fine Sev ( gram flour vermicelli )

Apply chutney on the Murukku.
Place a cucumber slice.
Next place a tomato slice.
Sprinkle Chaat masala.
Top with grated cheese.
Finally cover it with another Murukku which has chutney inside.
The chutney clings to the cheese and secures the sandwich.
Garnish with Sev.

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