Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cherry Tomato & Olive Bread sticks

BM # 68
Day : 13
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Sandwich Platters

The second variation that I tried was the Cherry Tomato and Olive bread sticks.
I made a black bean hummus, which served as a wonderful spread for the sticks. If one has canned beans the hummus hardly takes any time, but if making from dried beans you definitely need to plan this. 

Cherry tomatoes and olives is a awesome combo with hummus , typically Mediterranean, with some cheese on these and they were a treat to enjoy.

Cherry Tomato and Olive Sticks

Bread sticks
Black Bean Hummus
(the recipe shall follow shortly )
Cherry tomatoes
Shredded mozzarella cheese

Spread Black Bean Hummus on the sticks.
Cut the cherry tomatoes and olives into halves, arrange them on the sticks.
Sprinkle sea salt.
Sprinkle shredded mozzarella cheese.
Bake till cheese melts.

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  1. Black bean hummus looks very good. i am not a big fan of olives but these bread sticks must have tasted wonderful with hummus and cherry tomatoes.

  2. wow.. that hummus surely caught my eye ! good one :)

  3. Vaishali the hummus is sure yum.These sticks are making me drool.

  4. hummus looks yum.... waiting for its recipe :)

  5. Droolworthy bread sticks!! Bookmarking all your posts

  6. Wow that hummus looks so tempting.

  7. You have really made such a feast with sandwiches that we are spoiled now for choice!

  8. i am bookmarking so many. God knows when i will be able to make all this