Saturday, September 17, 2016

Chocolate & Mango Sandwich

BM # 68
Day: 15
Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Sandwich Platters

Chocolate slices are so much fun to work with. These are just like cheese slices, individually wrapped and available in a pack of five slices. A couple of months back these were available only in Japan, I am not sure if now they have been marketed else where. I , of course picked these from there.

These mini sandwiches are made with these chocolate slices and mango slices.
Chocolate and Mango is an ultimate combination, next to chocolate and strawberry. Since I had used strawberry for the fruit sandwich, I decided to use mango for this one.

I made very thin slices of mango using my vegetable peeler. The sandwich tasted amazing , but the humidity left its imprints.

Anyway here is what you need

Chocolate and Mango Sandwich
Bread slices
Mango slices
Chocolate slices

Cut the bread with a square cookie cutter.
Apply butter on one side of the bread slices.
Place a chocolate slice.
Place a mango slice.
Place another chocolate slice.
Top with another slice with buttered side down .
You could cut chocolate slices and decorate .

 These sandwiches were a part of my Dessert Sandwich Platter where I made
Chocolate and Mango Sandwiches
The recipes for Caramel and Chocolate Fondue shall follow soon.

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  1. We don't get chocolate slices here, at least I have not seen any in the stores. Oh, mango and chocolate is an awesome combination, Love it!!

  2. Lovely combo , beautiful sandwiches that my kids would love

  3. Have never seen chocolate slices here but love the combo with mango!

  4. Wow what a lovely presentation Vaishali, you know I will love this!

  5. This is one combination vibha will love!!!

  6. Interesting combination of mango and chocolate.

  7. very interesting and unusual combo of choco and mango..both are my favorites so cant wait to try this

  8. hmm yumm, superb presentation, totally in love with this!