Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sandwiches with Love

BM # 68
Day: 25

Theme : One Category - Bread Sandwiches
Sub Theme - Fun with Sandwiches

No, it is not Valentine's Day, but does depicting your love needs a day . Definitely not. These Love themed sandwiches need no special day to be made, just make them whenever you wish to. Make them for your friends,for kids , for your hubby, your family .

I used a fondat alphabet cutter to make the love cut out and for the hearts used a heart shaped cookie cutter. I spread a generous layer of nutella and used a strip of chocolate slice to enhance the word Love which has been cut from the bread. For the heart cut out sandwich I used a mini heart cutter and filled in a strawberry and some edible glitter.

It was fun creating these simple sandwiches for the last week of Cooking Carnival. To be honest this has been my favorite week. It was hard for me to decide which ones to make as I have a huge list of these creative sandwiches. 

Love Sandwiches

Brown bread
Chocolate slices
Edible glitter
Edible silver balls
Heart shaped cutters
Alphabet cutters

Take a slice of bread and cut out the word LOVE , leaving about 1" from the top of bread slice.
Keep these alphabets on a side.
Spread Nutella on a bread slice.
Cover the slice with the LOVE cut out slice.
Place a strip of chocolate slice.
Apply very little butter on the bread cut alphabets and place them over the chocolate slice.

For the second sandwich 
 Cut a small heart on one corner of the bread slice.
Apply Nutella on the other.
Place the cut out slice on top to finish the sandwich.
Slice a strawberry and fix it into the cut out heart.
Sprinkle some red glitter on top of the strawberry.

I have cut hearts from both brown and white bread.
Cut chocolate slices and place these on some of the hearts.
Edge these with edible silver balls.

Well if you do not have chocolate slices , no issues, go ahead and use ganache or a good chocolate spread.
You could even melt some cooking chocolate and spread, this will dry after a while.

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  1. Such an adorable sandwich to declare love to our loved ones, prefect sandwich for valentine's day am very sure in it. Cute and attractive.

  2. So beautiful. This is such an awesome idea to express love..

  3. You must be tired hearing this from everyone but will say it anyway, you are indeed very creative and am not surprised you have a long list of fun sandwich ideas !! Love sandwiches are very cute and love the idea of cutting the letters love from the bread and spreading Nutella on the bottom slice to enhance the cut out letters area on the top slice.

  4. What a clever n neat idea ! Don't mind sharing that list offline with me Vaishali or gimme any 2-3 sources - 'my kids will adore u for that :-))

  5. Kids definitely would love to see such cute messages when they open the lunch box and find these sandwiches. Jam & Nutella are colorful backgrounds for these pretty sandwiches.

  6. love is in air with these lovely sandwiches .....beautiful

  7. Interesting stuff and your carvings oh boy you have got tons of patience.

  8. Very pretty sandwiches. Love the heart shaped coffee cup as well.

  9. Lovely idea for making love sandwiches.As Usha mentioned you really are very creative.

  10. What a cute heart shaped sandwich and lovely cup too..I have really enjoyed watching your series

  11. You are such a creative person Vaishali. Hats off. Those love sandwiches look so unique and amazing.

  12. Awww..that is a wonderful idea!

  13. Perfect sandwiches for Valentine's Day breakfast!! Super cool!!

  14. So nicely done and I am sure this will be a hit during the valentine's time..

  15. so beautiful....and i must say that you have loads of patience too

  16. How beautiful and just love your creativity!

  17. Your love for sandwiches shows here too.