Monday, October 24, 2016

Chocolate Mandarin Kheer

BM # 69
Week 4, Day 1
Theme :Fruit based Recipes

For this week I have chosen to cook Fruit based desserts , and once again I have chosen to cook Kheers. I had shortlisted this Kheer long back , but somehow it got postponed and it was on my holiday to Tennerife that I made this kheer.

We had a beautiful villa with a excellent kitchen and a beautiful terrace. I was cooking almost all meals there and the terrace had all the light a blogger can ask for to click pictures .The supermarket was close by and the minute I spotted Mandarians , immediately I decided on Mandarian kheer. Somehow I did not get cooking chocolate there so I picked a orange flavored one.

Coming to the kheer this recipe has been tweaked and the original recipe is by Vineet Bhatia. The rice is cooked in the milk, after the kheer cools down one needs to add the reduced Mandarian juice to the kheer. I added plain simple juice without reducing, I added some fruit pulp too . The original recipe had a layer of chocolate Rabdi, but I just melted some chocolate and made a ball and used it as a garnish.

I have to admit that this was a kheer which had an awesome flavor, the tanginess of the Mandarian was very subtle and that chocolate ball, I saved it right till the end , yes it was just too good and the highlight of the kheer.
So should we get on to the recipe.

Chocolate Mandarian Kheer
500 ml milk
50 gms basmati rice
Sugar to taste
1 Mandarian

Wash and soak the rice for 15 minutes.
Boil the milk and add the rice.
Cook till rice is completely cooked and soft.
By now the Kheer would be nice and thick.
Add sugar to taste and stir once.
Remove from fire and let cool.
Extract the juice of half Mandarian and the segments from the other half.
Add both juice and segments to the Kheer.
Make sure the kheer has cooled down by now.
Pour them in serving bowls.
Microwave a orange flavored chocolate or a dark chocolate and garnish.
You could add a layer of chocolate or just grate some chocolate .
I had a orange flavored chocolate and I made a small ball of it and garnished with that.
Chill the kheer and serve.

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  1. Must be a delicious and exotic Dessert..

  2. Very tempting kheer and superb presentation.

  3. Mouth watering kheer and lovely combo.

  4. Thats a fantastic flavored kheer. beautifully presented...

  5. orange and chocolate compliment each other well - this must have tasted awesome

  6. Mandarin and chocolate are irresistible combo. The kheer must have tasted awesome.

  7. Very innovative and ultimate kheer,truly lipsmacking and alluring.

  8. What an interesting twist to the mundane kheer. The addition of mandrain oranges and chocolate lend an exotic feel to it