Friday, November 4, 2016

Uttar Pradesh Thali

BM # 70
Week : 1, Day : 2
Theme : Thalis

BM # 70 , Day 2 ! I have a thali from Uttar Pradesh This is a state which is very close to my heart. I simply love it's cuisine . I love the Kebabs, the chaats, the curries.This is a state located in the Northern India and is famous as a royal state and the cuisine here is both vegetarian and non vegetarian. The Awadhi and Mughlai cuisines of Uttar Pradesh bear similarities to those of Kashmir and Punjab due to the common influence of Mughals. 

Different cities in the state have their own specialties. Lucknow is famous for its Royal Biryanis , Kebabs and a number of sweets. Kanpur for its simple food , Kakori kebabs, Agra for its petha, Mathura for its Pedas, Banaras for its Paan , Rampur for its non veg and Pasanda dishes,but the popular genre of the cuisine is Mughlai and Awadhi.

I have been cooking from this state from time to time, I had posted a vegetarian Awadhi Thali  and today again I have a complete vegetarian Thali from this state. The Mattar ki Thahiri is a recipe which my school buddy shared , and this was the dish that inspired me to make the complete spread. The Bhindi Ka Salan is Marut Sikka's recipe. Incidentally Marut lives in the same colony where mom lives in Delhi, and his mom and my mom are great friends. Anyway let's come to the menu..

Uttar Pradesh Thali

Aaloo ki Tikiya
( a patty with mashed potatoes and a delicious spicy stuffing )

Basket Chaat
(a canape with lentil and potato stuffing, laced with chat chutneys and garnished with fine vermicelli )

Curries / Daals
Panner Pasanda
( fresh cottage cheese sandwiched with chutney simmered in rich tomato gravy)

Bhindi ka Saalan
(crisp fried okra in a zingy gravy)

Mathura ke Dubkiwale Aaloo
(potatoes with skin on dunked in a simple yet delicious gravy made with dry spices)

Arhar ki Daal
(comforting yellow lentil tempered with pure ghee , cumin and garlic)

Mattar ki Tahiri
(long grained aromatic basmati rice cooked with farm fresh green peas , laced with desi ghee)

Bedmi Paratha
( lentil stuffed paratha with special spices from the state)

Boondi Raita
(gram flour dumplings dunked in yogurt)

( fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, sliced)

Green Chutney
(Fresh coriander , mint and chillies , blended for that zing )

Meethi Chutney
(a delicate sweet and sour tamarind and jaggery chutney)

Makhane ki Kheer
(creamy Indian dessert ,lotus seeds simmered in milk, garnished with nuts and flavored with cardamon)

Naariyal ke Ladoo
(coconut and condensed milk sweet)

Enjoy the thali and I shall come back with some of the recipes in the last week.

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  1. What an amazing spread Vaishali. Everything looks delicious.

  2. Wow! That is a lip smacking thali.

  3. I am at a loss of words to express how beautiful the thali is. each and every item looks perfectly made! Hats off to you Vaishali!

  4. Awesome Vaishali. I just love to see your thali pictures though I may never try to make them at home. Next time we meet, you need to serve me one of your famous thalis..

  5. Thats not fare Vaishalli. You are asking to enjoy thalli...that way you are teasing us. Such a scrumptious dishes are lying in front of us, which is a treat to the eyes but not to the hungry tummy :(

  6. Oh my . Seriously hats off to you for making such a wonderful thali. All the dishes looks so tasty and mouthwatering.

  7. Wow, what a thaali! I would never dare to dream that kind of thaali coming from my kitchen with the energy levels I seem to have. :)

  8. My tummy is full just on looking at your thali pictures, omg, those dishes are real torture and you seriously rock with thali Vaishali, none can beat you.