Friday, February 3, 2017

Mexican Freekeh Salad

BM # 73
Week:1, Day:1
Ingredients through Mail

For this addition Valli has come up with an interesting theme, where we send three ingredients to our partners, guess the ingredients and cook them . These three ingredients could be just anything. I was paired with Priya Srinivasan , she lives in Sharjah and fortunately I have friends in Dubai. I could request and send a parcel. Priya sent my parcel to Hyderabad which was sent by a courier to me. The ingredients travelled a long way. 

When I received the packet, I saw three packets along with some chocolates. The first packet had some kind of wheat , I had never seen Freekeh, so could not name it, but Priya and I had a nice long chat and a hearty laugh. I was able to guess only one ingredient with its perfect name. So I really need to get well versed with international ingredients. 

Anyway coming to today's ingredient Freekeh. This is also called Green Wheat . This is what Wiki has to say about Freekeh

"The wheat is harvested while the grains are yellow and the seeds still are soft; it then is piled and sun-dried. The piles are carefully set on fire so only the straw and chaff burn, not the seeds. In these controlled conditions, the high moisture content of the seeds prevents them from burning. Next, the roasted wheat is subjected to threshing and sun-drying to make the flavor, texture, and color uniform. This threshing or rubbing process of the grains gives this food its name, farīk or “rubbed”. Finally, the seeds are cracked into smaller pieces so they resemble a green bulgur.

The salad tasted excellent with a smoky flavor. My family who is fond of salads loved it and has asked me to repeat as and when I can get more Freekeh. I must Thank Priya for sending in such an interesting ingredient. Sadly the pictures do not do the justice to the salad.

Come back tomorrow to check out the second dish made from the second ingredient Priya sent in.

Mexican Freekeh Salad
2 cups Freekeh, cooked
1 cup kidney beans, boiled
1/2 cup corn kernels, boiled
1/2 cup bell peppers, chopped finely.
1/4 cup onions
Salt to taste.

Juice of 2 lemons
1/4 cup coriander leaves
1-2 cloves
2 tbsp olive oil

Soak the Freekeh for an hour, then boil it till done.
Blend the dressing ingredients in a mixy, adding olive oil gradually.
In a bowl add the cooked Freekeh.
Add the boiled kidney beans, corn, bell peppers and onions.
Add salt and pour the dressing.
Mix well and chill the salad before serving.

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  1. Interesting recipe.. even I have never seen or tasted freekeh

  2. Looks delicious :) the theme sounds interesting !

  3. Wow the ingredient is very new and idin't even know a wheat is there by that name interesting. Salad looks so refreshing with those beautiful colors....

  4. Ha ha ye loved the guessing name! Salad looks very colorful and filling vaishali! I m yet to cook with your ingredients, hopefully next week!! 😊

  5. Wow must surely thank Priya for sending across such an interesting ingredient. I learnt a new one too. The process of making this wheat sounds so interesting. Trust you to make such interesting salads with everything!..Looks very filling Vaishali...can't wait to check out whats for tomorrow!

  6. Never heard about Freekeh. Interesting to know about it.that's a one colorful and healthy salad.

  7. Such a healthy, nutritious and colorful salad. This is my kind of a meal for any day.

  8. this looks like a hearty and healthy salad - minus the avocado (yuck in my book). I love freekeh and use it lots for pilaf and I also love adding it to soups as it cooks so quickly.

  9. I haven't heard about freekeh before:D. I love how colorful the salad is. It's great that the ingredient exchange worked out well for you, especially given the distance between you and Priya

  10. Thats a fabulous and healthy salad, freekeh sounds like a prefect grain to get soon from the store to cook with.

  11. I have heard about Freekeh, but have never tried dishes with it. Your salad looks so colourful. You have made a great dish with freekeh.

  12. The salad looks gorgeous and I would love to try the Freekeh soon. Love the Mexican flavors that you have used in the salad.

  13. wow. looks amazing and interesting.. never heard about this ingredient.

  14. Wow! That's indeed an interesting ingredient!And you have made a superb dish with this!!