Sunday, February 5, 2017

Varagu Arisi Idli

BM # 73
Week:1, Day:3
Theme:Ingredients through Mail

Since the last two days I have been posting recipes made by the ingredients which I received from Priya Srinivasan. She had sent in three ingredients , first one was Freekeh, second was Tri colored quinoa and the last one a millet. This is the only ingredient I guessed perfectly..with Google helper. Sh! Now that is a secret.

Millets are very healthy and gluten free so they should be incorporated in our daily diets. Varagu arisi is full of vitamins and minerals, has high fibre content, so is digestion friendly. I am glad Priya sent me this pack, now at least I can add this to our menu.

We hardly use millets in our daily diet so it was definitely challenging to work with this one. Thankfully Priya sent me a link and I followed her recipe with a minor tweet. I made Idlis but I tempered the batter before steaming them.The taste was not close to those rice idlis but yet no one complained, which means they liked it. I served the idlis with a spicy pappaya chutney. The chutney is a new one and the recipe shall follow soon.

Varagu Arisi Idli
2 cups varagu arisi
1/2 cup urad dal
Handful poha / cooked rice / rice flakes
Salt to taste

2 tbsp oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
2 green chilly
Few curry leaves
Coriander leaves
Roasted cashews

Wash the millet and dal together.
Soak them for 3-4 hours.
Soak the poha too. ( I used poha but you have more options )
After 3-4 hours,grind the millet and dal adding cold water.
Remove in a large pot, cover and let it ferment for 5-6 hours.
After the batter has fermented place a steamer with water on gas.
Grease the Idli moulds.
Heat 2 tbsp oil , fry the cashews and keep aside.
In the same oil, add mustard seeds, let them pop, add chopped green chilly. curry leaves and broken red chilly.
Add this tempering to the Idli batter.
Add fried cashews, and coriander leaves and mix the batter.
Fill the batter into the idli mould and let the idlis steam for 8-10 minutes.
Serve hot with chutney. 

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  1. Nice twist of adding tadka to the idlies. Looks delicious and that papaya chutney looks interesting!!

  2. Idlis are my favourite.. never tried with varagu arisi.

  3. nice way to present the Idlis - my kids would love this stylish presentation, restaurant style...

  4. Drooling..the idlis look sooo tempting, no doubt healthy too.

  5. My favorite millet to use atleast once in a week,but never tried idly with it,usually i prepare pongal. The chutney sounds interesting,is the recipe available in blog?

  6. Such soft and fluffy idlis made with millets. Great 3rd ingredient from Priya -- loved your recipes this week.

  7. soft and fluffy idli look delicious!

  8. Good choice Vaishali. I have yet to work with varagu arisi.

  9. I feel so much better now, because I couldn't guess any of the ingredients either. Mireille and Usha were the ones who guessed everything for me :D. The idli looks nice, evening haven't tried anything different that the traditional kind

  10. That plate of idlies are inviting me. Indeed Priya rocked with her secret ingredients and Kudos to you to come up with three fantastic dishes.

  11. Millet idlis are so nutritious and I make it often. The addition of tempering is sure to add flavour to idlis.Yours look so nice..

  12. Wow.. its look so perfect.. soft and tasty.

  13. Good that you made these idlis..and the chutney is a real surprise!..waiting for it..