Rabdi Falooda Glass

BM # 5  Day 3
Summers was the time when we used to persuade dad to take us out for icecreams,kulfis and that special glass which had loads of crushed ice ,falooda,rabdi sugar syrup and nuts.
Those childhood memories flash back while preparing this Rabdi Falooda Glass. 
What you need….
Lots of crushed ice
Rabdi(you could use the ready one …like I have done!)
Glass noodles
Jannat-e-Gulab(rose and cardamom syrup)
Chopped nuts
Dried rose petals

How to go about….
Take a tall glass.
Fill half of it with crushed ice.
Next comes the falloda.thereafter the pink glass noodles.
Top with rabdi.
Drizzle Jannat-e-Gulab lavishly.
Sprinkle nuts and rose petals.
Once the falloda glass is ready you start by mixing it all with a long spoon.you begin with eating falloda and crushed ice…but slowly the ice starts melting …and it becomes like a drink!...
Believe me it’s a awesome!!

For this I made falooda at home….the recipe is simple…..
1cup …….corn flour
Mix cornflour and water.
Cook on slow fire  stirring continiously.
When cooked this should be transparent.fill this mix in a greased sev press .
Hold press over a bowl of ice water.
Do not stir.
Drain before using.
(this is soft falooda)
Glass Noodles
These are ready packets which have to be boiled in water with a pinch of red food color and some sugar.
The extra water has to be drained out.
(these are a little elastic ones!!)

I have used both falooda and noodles …but you could even use one of them it will taste the same.

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