BM # 9  Day 4

First I would like to wish all my friends a Very Happy Diwali.
I always plan my posts in such a way that I dont rush at the last minute.Infact today’s post was ready too but I realised it is Diwali and I should post something sweet.So I am doing a last minute post.Punjabi’s are very fond of Phirnis .This is similar to the custurd that we make ,the difference is that instead of custurd powder ,we use rice paste.The flavor is near to that of kheer,but of course different.

½ cup..... rice ,washed,soaked and made into a fine paste
1lt............ milk
Pinch..... cardamon pwd
Sugar to taste
Nuts for garnishing

Boil milk.
Add sugar.
Add cardamon pwd.
Add rice paste.
Stir continiously,making sure no lumps are formed.
Garnish with nuts.
(I have used almonds,pista,raisins and charoli)
Add saffron for decoration.

The right way to serve this phirni is to put them in earthen bowls and chill so you get that mitti de sondhi sondhi khushboo......but I served in a silver bowl ,since it's  a  Diwali dessert.

Once again Diwali de lakh lakh wadhaiya.......the panju way .
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This goes to Anu's Diwali festival
Gayatri and Pari's only sweet event
Serve it -festival potluck

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