Bread Gulab Jamuns for Aarthi's Virtual Bridal Shower

Recipe For A Happy Marriage
Take plenty of Patience,
Blend smoothly with Love;
Fold enough Humor To season above.
Then sprinkle with Laughter,
And stir in some Praise;
Add Kindness and Tact for Those difficult days.
Mix warmly together With Trust, Faith, and Cheer;
Makes one Happy Marriage That mellows each year.

Since we belong to the food world, I thought of sharing this recipe with Aarthi, our dear friend who is getting married.
Aarthi of Yummy Tummy’s ,who is famous for her elaborate step by step pictures and has a vast collection of recipes.This is her moment of joy and we at the Blogging Marathom decided to have a virtual bridal shower for her.The virtual Bridal shower  ,where we are recreating dishes from her blog , is our small way of expressing joy and wishing her a Happy Married Life.

Since it’s such an auspicious occasion I chose to make something sweet. Bread Gulab Jamuns! I followed the recipe ditto…but wanted to add a special touch to them, since they are for a special occasion, so added a stuffing to these.

Here is the recipe…..
6 .................slices white bread
1 cup......... milk
1 cup .........sugar
3-4 ............. cardamon  
½ cup......... water 

Rose petals finely chopped
Poppy seeds
Cardamom pwd
Coarsely ground sugar candy
Finely chopped pistas
Few strands saffron
Few charoli seeds
Mix everything and prepare a stuffing.The ingredients can be mixed in any proportion that you desire.

Cut off the crust from the bread  slices.
 Dip them in milk.
 Squeeze off the excess milk  and put it in a blender.
Pulse it for few times so that it is lump free.
Pinch out small balls. Flatten them..Place the stuffing and seal the balls.
 Fry them in hot ghee adjusting the flame now and then to cook them evenly.
Fry till golden.Remove these  on  a paper towel.

Sugar syrup
Make sugar syrup by taking sugar, cardamom and water in a sauce pan and bring it to boil.
Boil it for 5 mins untill it reaches sticky stage..Take a spoonful of syrup and put it over a plate, once it is cooled rub it with your fingers, it should feel slightly sticky.
Now pour the  hot syrup over the fried jamuns and cover them.
Let  rest for atleast 3-4 hours before serving.

Aarthi  hope you like what we BM Friends  have recreated for you.
Love and  Wishes always

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