Thandai Phirni / Rice Pudding

BM # 31   Week 1   Day 1

I sometimes feel if it was not for BM I might not be blogging so regularly.It is the charm of BM that just pulls you.This month I had such a long TO DO list I had decided not to participate, but here I am participating all four weeks.

For the first week I have picked the theme Mini Servings, and for Day 1 it is Phirni from Punjab.

Phirni is a light rice pudding, where the rice is soaked and made into a paste.It is then gradually added to milk to thicken.This is very popular in North,  where they are normally served in earthen pots.I have prepared the same phirni with a twist.I added the Thandai syrup to flavor it.

The Basic Phirni
1/2 cup rice, soaked and made into a paste
1 lt milk
1/4 tsp cardamom, powdered
Sugar to taste / thandai concentrate
Nuts and dried rose petals for garnish
Boil milk.
Add cardamom and sugar.
Put the flame on slow and gradually add the rice paste to the milk.
The milk will start to thicken.
Cook for 4-5 minutes.
Cool under a cold bath to avoid skin forming on the Phirni.
Garnish and chill.

For Thandai Phirni add the concentrate after the Deseret is done.
Let it cool and then add the concentrate.
Sugar can be totally avoided , else little sugar can be added and then sweetened with the concentrate.

The taste of the basic Phirni is very very pleasing, but it is further enhanced by the addition of Thandai concentrate, which is so rich.It is a light dessert which gets ready in a ziffy.

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Sending it to Valli's Summer Mela.

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