Labneh - The Yogurt Cheese

Labneh is a cream cheese from Middle East . Call it hung curd, yogurt cheese or Greek cheese it is all the same. The different names are from different countries.

It is the serving style that differs . Labneh  is served for breakfast in the Middle Eastern countries.One can serve it with a drizzle of olive oil,. dried mint , olives or Zaatar could  You could even sprinkle some other herbs and chilly flakes, I served the Labneh as a part of Qatar breakfast with Home made Pita bread.

I sprinkled some instant dried mint and olives .It is simple to make this and all you need is fresh yogurt , pinch of salt and a clean cheese cloth.

This is how you go about
Place a cheese cloth over a bowl, making sure the ends overhang.
Put the curd into this and place the bowl in the fridge. The water from the yogurt will drain out within 2-3 hours.
Remove the cheese in a bowl.

Add salt and mix well.
You could drizzle olive oil and herbs now.
The whey from the curd could be used for adding to daals or binding dough.
Labneh can be enjoyed with cucumber, tomatoes pita or even in a sandwich.

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