Nozongo and Coal Grilled Chibage from Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe, officially the Republic of Zimbabwe, is a landlocked country located in southern Africa, between the Zambezi and Limpopo rivers.

Today is the last day of this month long marathon where we have posted recipes from all over the world. This food journey has been rather interesting where we have twenty bloggers participating. Each one of us has worked on twenty six countries, the countries have been our choice , so we have seen cuisines of various countries and enormous new recipes.

For the last day of this marathon I will be cooking with the alphabet Z.. I have chosen to cook from Zimbabwe and for today I will be focusing on their street food but before that let's talk a little about their cuisine.

Like in many African countries, the majority of Zimbabweans depend on a few staple foods. "Mealie meal", also known as cornmeal, is used to prepare sadza or isitshwala, as well as porridge known as bota or ilambazi.This is usually eaten as lunch or dinner, usually with sides such as gravy, vegetables beans and meat that has been stewed, grilled, roasted or sundried. Sadza is also commonly eaten with curdled milk 

Rice, pasta, and potato based foods (french fries and mashed potato) also make up part of Zimbabwean cuisine. A local favourite is rice cooked with peanut butter . A potpourri of peanuts known as nzungu, boiled and sundried maize, black-eyed peas known as nyemba, bambara groundnut known as nyimo makes a traditional dish called mutakura. One can also find local snacks such as maputi (roasted/popped maize kernels similar to popcorn), roasted and salted peanuts, sugar cane, sweet potato, pumpkin, and fruits.

Coming to their street food one gets to see this around bus stations and it varies according to season. One can see roasted or boiled corn on the cob (chibage), peanuts, some varieties of beans, hard boiled eggs and lots of fruits, which include bananas, oranges , guavas.

When I made search for the Zimbabwe street food I was amazed that there was hardly any thing that I could cook. I finally decided to make peanuts, and roast corn and place fruits , so that I could show their street food. I roasted the corn on coal so that I could get the feel of the street .

Nothing much to do with the recipes today..

Wash the groundnuts well so all the soil is removed.
Using a pressure cooker , place these nuts add some salt and a glass of water.
Pressure cook for 4 to 5 whistles.
Let the pressure release.
Drain the excess water and enjoy the steaming hot nuts.
Recipe Source: here

The Chibage as they call the corn in Zimbabwe, has been roasted over the coal which tastes absolutely amazing.The Zimbabweans do not apply any spices to this , so lets enjoy the natural taste of corn.

With the alphabet Z we conclude the Around the World in 30 Days marathon. I shall be posting a recap of this series soon, but for now let's have a quick glance on the street foods served during this marathon.

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